News from the Board 11/13/2014

Hello Temple Members,

Recently Wendy Hess, Stefani Carlson, Rabbi Egolf and I went to a community-wide Yom Iyyun (Day of Learning) with Dr. Ron Wolfson. Dr. Wolfson gave us a preview of his new book, Relational Judaism Using the Power of Relationships to Transform The Jewish Community. We studied the text and watched a video about the importance of welcoming guests. We will be available to discuss what we learned with the board or anyone who is interested. Our little synagogue naturally already does some of the things he is suggesting synagogues start doing when we introduce ourselves to newcomers and try to include them into our groups. One thing he mentioned was we need to increase the level of volunteerism by not making volunteers feel overwhelmed in giving them too much to do. We are actively seeking additional volunteers so that we can keep the work load manageable for all. Please contact any board member or myself about possible volunteer opportunities.

Thank you very much,
Elisa Greta