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Please Join the Sisterhood for our Spring Dinner Out event.

Sisterhood cordially invites all members and guests to join us for our Spring Dinner Out at West Akron’s popular Papa Joe’s Restaurant--in the valley.

We will be gathering on Wednesday, May 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the restaurant’s private dining space.

Emily Audra Fleisher is coordinating reservations. Please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Come celebrate Sisterhood, friendship, the end of Passover and the arrival of Spring!

On April 2nd, Temple Beth Shalom hosted an area gathering for the temple sisterhoods of the Northeast area of the WRJ Central District. Some of the sisterhoods represented were from congregation Rodef Sholom in Youngstown and Temple Israel in Canton. The theme of the afternoon was using technology to market sisterhood gatherings and help community members to connect.

The afternoon started with a delicious Mexican lunch including margaritas (yes, real margaritas). The two presenters were Hillary Handwerger and Patty Rehfus from the WRJ Central District Speaker’s Bureau. Some of the topics they covered included blogging, online surveys, google forms, newsletters and e-mail marketing. They also covered commonly used social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. They used examples to show how to use google drive, sign-up genius, and doodle for scheduling meetings, signing up for potlucks and other necessary communication among community members. The afternoon passed quickly. There was so much information and so little time. There was enough time though for laughter, friendship, and fellowship among the various sisterhoods. To close the afternoon, all the participants gathered in a circle and shared the Havdalah blessing.

Sisterhood Tequila and Technology

IMG 3519

Sisterhood Tequila and Technology

Rabbi Jim EgolfAs we approach Passover I reflect on the work I do both in TBS and in the hospital. When we start to tell the story of Passover I often have images of beautifully set tables with the best china being used to celebrate the holiday. Yet, I wonder if those who experienced the first Passover would think.

Starting their journey there must have been terror and fear. Some lunatic named Moses had started a fight with the Pharaoh, i.e. the most powerful man and they were probably not very interested in getting involved. As they sat and ate the first Passover meal, they did so in humble and dark places. The lamb’s blood was still wet on the doorposts and they probably wondered, ‘how is this going to help us tonight, much less be the start of a journey towards freedom?!’ To see our celebration they might wonder if they had gotten the wrong house, that is, the house of an Egyptian.

It is hard to remember where we came from. We don’t want to remember that our journey begins in slavery, but it does. We don’t like it when we think that the first lamb eaten on a Passover probably smelt of burn roasting meat, but it was. And given how much effort we go to in order to hide where we come from, the journey and the end are only that much greater because of the humble beginnings of our Passover journey.

What would our ancestors think? Well after they recovered from the shock both in terms of finery and technology, I am sure they would look for ways to connect with us. Our struggle will always be to resist valuing our wealth and modern capabilities and remember that we too must connect with them. As it is taught, “It is incumbent that everyone see him/herself as if they personally came out of Egypt.” What is your Egypt that you come from and what is the promised land to where you go? This is what our Seder and Passover journeys are about.

Welcome to Temple Beth Shalom!

Services normally on 2nd and 4th Friday evenings of each month

Temple Beth Shalom is a dynamic congregation of about 110 families, under the leadership of Rabbi Jim Egolf. Known as the Synagogue of the Western Reserve, we are a Reform Jewish congregation, affiliated with the national organizations of that movement.

Although the Temple has grown over the years, it endeavors to maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Please come join us so we can share who we are today and our vision for the future.

The Temple is located in a beautiful, historic building at 50 Division Street in Hudson. Friday night services are held twice a month at 7:45 p.m., normally on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. For a schedule of services and other activities, see our Calendar page.

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