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Kim StrausserIt wasn’t originally on the calendar, but please join us for our service tomorrow evening, September 12th. There is a Tot Shabbat and regular service. I was so happy to see the number of members who joined us at Hudson Spring Park in August. I am looking forward to seeing many of you and enjoying the High Holy Day services with our new Rabbi, our cantorial soloist and accompanist. The city is doing construction on Division Street, starting September 15th, a delay from the original plan to begin in July. This will affect our parking, so please allow yourself plenty of time to find parking prior to the High Holy day services. As the holidays draw near, thoughts turn to renewal and hope. Mike and I wish all of you a sweet and happy new year! As always, feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.

Book Club Announcement - Sunday, November 2, 7 pm, at Mitchell Fromm’s house

Book Selection: Guide For The Perplexed, by Dara Horn

All are welcome! Please join Rebecca Egolf, an veteran book reviewer and discussion leader, for a conversation about the newest book by one of today’s best Jewish novelists. Guide For The Perplexed is a novel about how technology changes memory and how memory shapes the soul, combining fictional modern characters with real historic figures and events.

About the book:
Software prodigy Josie Ashkenazi has invented an app that records everything its users do. When an Egyptian library invites her to visit as a consultant, her jealous sister Judith persuades her to go. But in Egypt’s post-revolutionary chaos, Josie is abducted—leaving Judith free to take over Josie’s life at home, including her husband and daughter, while Josie’s talent for preserving memories becomes a surprising test of her empathy and her only means of escape.

A century earlier, another traveler arrives in Egypt: Solomon Schechter, a Cambridge professor hunting for a medieval archive hidden in a Cairo synagogue. Both he and Josie are haunted by the work of the medieval philosopher Moses Maimonides, a doctor and rationalist who sought to reconcile faith and science, destiny and free will. But what Schechter finds, as he tracks down the remnants of a thousand-year-old community’s once-vibrant life, will reveal the power and perils of what Josie’s ingenious work brings into being: a world where nothing is ever forgotten.

An engrossing adventure that intertwines stories from Genesis, medieval philosophy, and the digital frontier, A Guide for the Perplexed is a novel of profound inner meaning and astonishing imagination.

Check out a review of the book and profile of the author:

Sisterhood Book Club Meeting Update

Ilene Shapiro really rolled out the red carpet on the evening of September 4th when the sistas gathered for its second Book Club event.

Sharing in the lively and thought-provoking discussion of The Sisters Weiss (and other provocative themes) were Jean Beasley, Frieda Miller Brown, Stefani Carlson, Emily Fleisher, Amy McCormick, Robin Rosen-Sharp, Maxine Shiffman and Kim Strausser.

We appreciate Ilene’s warm and gracious hospitality and we thank her for making the evening fun and memorable!

Our next book discussion will provide a light and fascinating probe into celebrity encounters. The title is I was Jerry Lewis’ Bodyguard for 10 minutes! This captivating book was written by local Akron resident, Irv Korman.

Irv describes himself as a “writer, theatre critic, actor, clown and magician.”

For more information about Irv and his books, please visit www.irvkorman.com.

A date and venue for this Book Club gathering will be noted at a later time.

Religious School Welcome Reception Enjoyed by All

The Religious School officially opened on Sunday, September 7th, and one of the highlights of the day was the Welcome Reception hosted by the TBS Sisterhood and Brotherhood.

There were plenty of folks on hand to ensure that the parents had a wonderful time!

Special thanks to Stefani Carlson, Jennifer Kornblum, Robin Rosen-Sharp, Shelley Salzer, Robin Selinger, Lisa Singer, and Kim Strausser.

The “bros” (Art, Cliff, Ed, Eric, Len and Mark) also deserve kudos for helping to make the reception special and meaningful.

Rabbi Jim Egolf and Rebecca were also on hand to welcome guests.

Parents had an opportunity to mix and mingle with other congregants and to learn about the many ways that the Sisterhood and Brotherhood enhance and support our congregation.

Sisterhood membership forms and the Sisterhood calendar of events were shared with the attendees.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered their time and talents!

WRJ Gift Basket Project to Benefit the YES Fund

In conjunction with the November WRJ Central District convention in Columbus (Nov. 6-9), there will be a basket raffle fundraiser. Proceeds from the sale of the baskets will benefit the WRJ YES Fund. The fund supports future clergy education and similar initiatives.

Lisa Singer is putting out a call for volunteers from our Sisterhood to donate theme items and to create the basket itself.

Suggested theme ideas are: Wine & Cheese, Movie and Game Night, Baby basket, Yoga, Spa and Beauty, etc. The idea is to be creative!

Please contact Lisa at 330-241-9612 to volunteer.

Let’s support this important endeavor!

Sisterhood Membership Renewals

It’s that time of year again, sistas… our membership dues are due for the New Year! Please contact Membership Chair Robin Rosen-Sharp at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

Yours in Sisterhood,
Emily Audra Fleisher

My apartment complex hosts 60 adults who were homeless for most of their lives. Some are veterans. Many have mental health issues, HIV/AIDS, and are very ill.

Maybe you can help me spread the message. We need old clothes, shoes, men/women. Even canned goods. Things like old kitchenware can help as well.

I am trying to reach out any way I can....


Oudi Singer
TBS Religious School Teacher
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear TBS Members,

Please read Oudi's letter and consider making a donation. Black plastic bins will be provided in the basement of TBS for those donations. Thank you.

Jane Grover
Social Action Chair