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Congratulations to Jean Beasley! 2/2/2017

Jean receiving awardSeveral TBS members attended the JECC annual meeting this past Sunday to see our own Jean Beasley honored for the National Grinspoon Award For Excellence in Jewish Education. This recognition is given to a Cleveland educator to honor their impact on Jewish children. As a past winner of the Libbie L. Braverman Award, Jean was nominated by the Awards Committee. Here is what the program from the event said: The 2015 award recipient of the Libbie L. Braverman Award, Jean Beasley teaches a combined kindergarten and 1st grade class at Temple Beth Shalom. As a dedicated member of the synagogue and a master educator, she creates substantive hands-on Judaic studies lessons that uniquely utilize children’s literature, drama, cooking and art. Jean is described as possessing a “gentle, child-centered guidance and strong content focus.” She is an educator who is “innovative and creative and a lifelong learner herself.” Jean inspires all with her enthusiasm and passion for Jewish learning, children and quality education. It is no wonder that Jean has been a role model and source of nourishment and strength for her students’ families, and her fellow congregants at Temple Beth Shalom.

Mazel tov to Jean!

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From the Cantorial Soloist

Preschool and school-age children often get their best introduction to Jewish life through music! TBS Cantorial Soloist Robin Selinger has designed the website Totshabbat.com to provide children around the world with the best in fun, educational Jewish music. All songs can be streamed onto your computer, and many can be downloaded onto portable music players. Please check it out... and remember to bring young children to our Tot Shabbat services!