E-Megillah February 22, 2024


e-MegillahFebruary 22, 2024
Issue #656

Letter from Rabbi Ross
Rabbi Michael Ross
Dear TBS Friends and Family,

Our Friday service for 2/23 was postponed due to my 8-day trip to Israel.

This Shabbat we celebrate at our homes, and I will celebrate in Tel Aviv. It has been an amazing week of bearing witness to the stories of Israeli hostage families, evacuees who are living in hotels because their homes are not safe, school directors holding it together for their students as they create new school settings for their students, and Israelis as they navigate the trauma of this war. I can’t tell you how appreciative they all are of our visit to hear their stories. So much pain and so much learning this week!

The Empty Shabbat Table 

The now famous empty Shabbat table that awaits the hostages in Gaza has been refashioned at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
Now the fancy table setting represents those hostages that have returned. The ones still captive are represented at the other end sitting at bare planks of wood, sitting on concrete,     drinking dirty water, with bits of food mixed in with the dirt in the empty tins.

I will share some of these stories at our next Shabbat Service on Fri 3/9, after the service.




Rabbi’s Israel Trip! 

I was accepted to join a group of Jewish education directors who will be travelling to Israel from 2/18-2/27. I am excited to visit and hear the stories that will help our community understand this complex, evolving crisis. If you have prayers you want me to place at the Western Wall, email or send them to me in the next few weeks. If you have travelers’ tzedakah or charity you would like me to donate, you can get that to me as well.

The goal of this trip is to give educators insights and strategies for teaching about Israel and Palestine to our students, our teachers, and our communities.
I feel deeply honored and blessed to represent TBS on this important mission. Jean Beaseley will run the religious school in my stead for both of my upcoming trips. We will also cancel our Friday 2/23 Shabbat service.

Judaism 101 – 11 Sunday afternoons (3/3-5/12 at 4:00 pm)
Have you ever wanted to learn more about Judaism from an adult perspective?
Are you considering conversion to Judaism?
If so, this class can form a great foundation to get you started. We will focus on Jewish history, holidays, ideas and traditions.
All Judaism 101 students are highly encouraged to also attend the Israel 101 course.
There will be a few paperback books as part of the class as well.

  • Class fees – $10 for TBS members or $56 for the entire course, $18 per class non-members or $154 for the entire courseCollege students can pay a donation. (Fees for the class will go to pay our zoom manager/teaching assistant.)
  • RSVPS are needed in advance. Please email rabbimichaelross to RSVP or get more info and syllabus.

We are postponing our special morning of learning with Rabbi Rachel Brown. We will find a later date to come together.


Donations to support Israel can be made at Cleveland Federation:


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