High Holy Day Information

Ticket Information

If you have not yet received your High Holiday ticket and information please contact us now. For everyone’s safety we are checking tickets at the door this year.

For members – If you have not yet received your High Holy Day envelope please contact Treasurer Lisa Singer to make sure your payment has been received. Call 330-241-9612 or email lisasinger@aol.com

For non-members – please contact Beth Madis for ticket information and to purchase tickets. Call 330-606-4424 or email madisb@gmail.com

Any other questions or concerns you can contact President Kim Strausser at 330-342-0108 or email kimmike89@roadrunner.com

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Temple Beth Shalom we would like to extend our wishes for a happy and healthy 5775.

Selichot-A First Step Toward Repentance

On the road to repentance, we can begin with small steps by saying I’m sorry, s’lichah. Our tradition provides the opportunity for us to do that with Selichot prayers. The Selichot service begins the annual process of gathering as a community to pray for forgiveness. At TBS, we’ll begin by watching and discussion of the movie, “Stranger Than Fiction,” starring Will Ferrell, to help us find our own way to begin t’shuvah (repentance) and r’fuah (healing).

Please join Rabbi Jim this Saturday night, September 20, at 7:30 pm, in the Social Hall, for desserts and treats followed by the movie, group discussion and a short service.

High Holy Days Security

In your High Holy Days ticket packet, we discussed the security measures being taken to provide a secure place of worship for our congregation. As we read more and more about events in Israel and worldwide, we find it necessary to increase our security procedures even further during the holiday services this year. Please be aware of the following:

  1. Only the main entrance to the sanctuary will be open for entry and exit. The side entry door will be locked and supervised to insure it remains secure.
  2. A police officer will be stationed outside the main entrance to the sanctuary before and during all services through Break the Fast.
  3. YOU MUST BRING YOUR MEMBER OR GUEST TICKET TO SERVICES. TBS Security members will ask to see your holiday ticket as you enter the building. If you do not have a ticket, you will be escorted to a ticket representative who will have a list of all registered guests and TBS members. We apologize for any inconvenience this new procedure may cause, but hope you understand the reasoning for it.


We have been told there will be active daily construction on Division Street during the holidays that will cause drop off and parking issues.

Handicapped Parking: for those who have handicap window shields and need extra assistance, we are opening the small side lot next to our building for pre-reserved handicapped parking only. The lot will be supervised before and after services by a member of Brotherhood to insure this process runs smoothly. Please contact Laurie Frankino (lfrankino@gmail.com) to reserve one of 6 available spots.

There will be ushers available on the street corner to assist those who need extra help walking to the building. A wheelchair will also be available to transport anyone who needs it from the street to the building as well. Our lift chair will also be supervised by members of Brotherhood before and after services.

Street parking during the daytime and evening services should be readily available on the side streets surrounding the temple. Please allow extra time for parking.

The TBS Board appreciates your support of these necessary security changes. Please contact Laurie Frankino, lfrankino@gmail.com, with questions or concerns.