Message from the President 6/4/2015

Kim StrausserGreetings from your temple president! At the end of a two year term, I usually would be taking on the role of past president on the board, but because of some unforeseeable events, I will continue as president and Mark Schildhouse will step up to co-president with me for the next two years. Other officers include, vice presidents, Eric Chupack, Laurie Frankino; treasurer, Len Liberman; secretary, Toby Liberman; and trustees, Steve Fettman, Art Busch, Wendy Hess, Robin Rosen-Sharp, Susan Terkel, and Ben Asher. We will thank the following board members leaving: Lisa Singer, Elisa Gretta, Jane Grover, and Terri Cremer. On June 12th, at 7 PM, we will have our annual meeting and we will honor our present and past board members, elect our board, recognize our educators, offer awards, and I’ll make some remarks. Following the meeting, we will have services and then a lovely oneg. Please join us!

Kim Strausser