Shabbat 101 Thanks and Feedback Request

Many thanks to all of you who made our recent Shabbat 101 learning series such a terrific shared experience for our community. Whether you attended one session or all four, if you came to dinner or just services, if you asked lots of questions or just listened and observed, your presence was important. Many thanks to Rabbi Jim, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us in such an accessible manner, and to the Egolf family, for helping to create a welcoming environment in which we could all learn together. Special thanks to the Chupack family, for spearheading the project, and for incalculable logistical support. Thanks also to the TBS Board of Directors, for your participation, advocacy and leadership.

This educational series would not have been possible without the programmatic and financial support of the Retreat Institute (RI) of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland (JECC). In recognition of this contribution, the RI asks only that we provide feedback about the program, so that they can continue to partner with our congregation to bring us the types of educational enrichment opportunities that you want to experience. Your honest response to the evaluation below will help us to plan for next year and beyond.

Please complete the survey if you attended any part of Shabbat 101, from a single service to the entire series. Even if you did not attend any of the programming, you are welcome to provide input on what your barriers were, and what you would like to see in the future. We appreciate your candor, and your time in completing this valuable evaluation and planning tool.

If you would prefer to give feedback by phone or email, or if you have questions or suggestions for future programming, please do not hesitate to contact me at (330)752-3349 or

Thanks again.

Stefani Carlson
Education Director