5783 High Holy Days Gratitude

From Laurie Frankino, High Holy Days Service Coordinator

We have publicly thanked Rabbi Ross, Cantorial Soloist Robin Selinger and Peter Tavens for their performances during these meaningful holiday services; but I’d like to thank the long list of TBS congregants who volunteered their time in the preparation and execution of our High Holy Days services.

  • Your TBS Board of Trustees who struggled with the decisions that needed to be made regarding our policy toward safe in-person worship during the ever present Covid virus. Very special thanks to Rabbi Michael who guided us thoughtfully and carefully to our final decision to offer the option of worshiping together or on Zoom.
  • Drew Dallet designed the service programs for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as well as several print ads offering potential members the opportunity to join us for holiday services.
  • TBS Brotherhood members were invaluable in helping to ready our building for the High Holy Days. Their contribution of time and muscle made it possible to keep our timeline for reopening our building this fall. They will also erect our sukkah for Sukkot this Saturday for services Friday, October 14.
  • Len Liberman who assisted me in changing out the prayer books for Rosh Hashanah and Dave & Linda Wismer who assisted in the same for Yom Kippur.
  • Harry Berman, e-megillah editor who kept everyone updated on holiday service details and related events.
  • Eric Chupack who worked with James Field to initiate our increased security program by installing video camera devices at both entrances of our building before the holiday services.
  • Our ushers lead by Head Usher, Dave Wismer included Jack Telesman, Pam Jacobstein, Dick McCormick, Larry Marks, Marty Schlessel and Larry Terkel who ushered, directed traffic, operated the chair lift, checked tickets and answered the many questions asked of them during all 4 holiday services.
  • Kim Strausser, Mike Miller who donated and planted the lovely floral display in the cement urns outside our front door.
  • Beth Madis coordinated our holiday prayer book lending program.
  • Marcy Caplin and Kim Strausser coordinated this year’s Food Drive and those who donated to it
  • Sisterhood led by Robin Rosen-Sharp and Jean Rhodes who donated our Erev Rosh Hashanah oneg of apples & honey, raisin challah and honey cake
  • Jean Beasley and Art Busch read Torah so beautifully during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur morning services
  • Susan Terkel read the Haftorah English translation during the Torah Services at Yom Kippur morning services
  • Wendy Hess led our afternoon education session during the Yom Kippur service break and the congregants who participated with her.
  • Len Rose gave us another award-winning rendition of Jonah this year on Zoom from his rehab room
  • Our Shofar Squad, David Terkel & Julius Hess
  • Jean Rhodes and Julie Lakas made themselves available for whatever was needed, including cleaning & reorganizing the temple kitchen in preparation for the holidays, assisting with set-up and clean up.
  • The volunteer service readers, candle lighters and ark openers who participated in all 5 holiday services
  • Toby Liberman, Robin Rosen-Sharp, Julie Lakas, Wendy & Julius Hess, Amy McCormick  led the huge clean-up effort after Break the Fast
  • James Field, my partner, represented us during Rosh Hashanah services and worked closely with me, Jonathan Selinger and the board to ensure that we covered all holiday service details

Thank you all for your valuable contributions!