Contributions made January – June 2016

Temple Beth Shalom sincerely appreciates the thoughtfulness of those who support our Temple through generous contributions and tributes.

Betsy Rosenwasser Caring Hearts Fund
In Memory Of:

  • Joanne Beck’s mother by Adele & Steven Blazey

Building Maintenance Fund
In Memory Of:

  • George Frankino by Berta & Sy Cymerman

Lisa & Rick Singer

Building Chai Campaign
In Honor Of:

  • Laurie & George Frankino’s 36th Anniversary by John Borstein
  • Rebecca Egolf by Berta & Sy Cymerman

In Memory Of:

  • Janet Krugman Roberts by Jodi & Steve Fettman
  • Todd Silverman’s grandparents by Jodi & Steve Fettman
  • Deborah Burstein Neiburg by Jodi & Steve Fettman

Arthur & Susan Busch
Jane & Jim Grover
Jonathan & Robin Selinger

Herbert Kirchheimer Music Fund
In Honor Of:

  • John Magaro by Adele & Steven Blazey

In Memory Of:

  • Xenia Fischmann Culiner by Jodi & Steve Fettman, Adele & Steven Blazey

Kitchen Remodeling Fund
In Memory Of:

  • Jack Lewis by Ken & Sharon Chupack

Mary Krupp Camp & Israel Fund
In Honor Of:

  • David Lockshin by Adele & Steven Blazey

In Memory Of:

  • Evelyn Weinberger by David Lockshin/Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County
  • Haim Singer by Adele & Steven Blazey

Michael Rapport Adult Education Fund
Marc Rapport

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
In Honor Of:

  • Julie Brown by Frieda & Bill Brown

Matthew Lerner & Virginia Tierney/Lerner Family Foundation
Oudi Singer
Jean Rhodes

Ritual Committee
In Memory Of:

  • George Frankino by Adele & Steven Blazey

Religious School Donation
Emma & Pete Brawn
Michelle & Robert Mondora

Social Action Fund
In Memory Of:

  • Deborah Burstein Neiburg by Adele & Steven Blazey

Youth Leadership Fund
In Memory Of:

  • Haim Singer by Jodi & Steve Fettman
  • Kyra Willner by Jodi & Steve Fettman

Unrestricted Donations
In Honor Of:

  • Wendy, Steve & Caleb Radtke by Steven & Dolly Bromberg
  • Laurie & George Frankino’s 36th Anniversary by Stefani & Steve Carlson, Kim Strausser & Mike Miller

In Memory Of:

  • Janet Krugman Roberts by Maxine Margolis
  • Deborah Burstein Neiburg by Kim Strausser & Mike Miller, Lerner Family Foundation
  • Todd Silverman’s grandparents by Kim Strausser & Mike Miller
  • Irene Ezring by Rabbi Sheldon Ezring
  • Haim Singer by Kim Strausser & Mike Miller, Susan & Larry Terkel
  • George Frankino by Eric & Paige Mintz
  • Xenia Fischmann Culiner by Susan & Larry Terkel, Kim Strausser & Mike Miller

Jean Rhodes
Dara Steinberg

Grant by Burton D Morgan Foundation to paint the exterior of our building

Tangible Donations
Wendy & Stephen Radtke
Kim Strausser & Mike Miller