Donations 1/8/2015

The following donations have been received since October 2014:

From Pamela & Ben Asher – Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

From Susie & Phil Axelrod – for the Building Fund

From Sue & Ken Jordon – a High Holiday donation

From the Lerner Family Foundation for the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

From Dolly & Steve Bromberg (parents of Wendy Radtke), in honor of their grandson Caleb Radtke starting 3rd grade at our Religious School and to honor Rabbi Egolf.

From Judy & Stuart Treby, North Potomac, MD in honor of Eileen & Steve Schonfeld’s 50th wedding anniversary. Judy is Eileen’s sister.

From John Carlson, Cleveland, OH – donation by a minister invited by Rabbi Jim

From Marcy Caplin – 2 donations. 1 in honor of Rabbi Egolf; 1 in honor of Robin Selinger. Both to thank them for the beautiful “Celebration of Life” service for Dave.

From Laura Balint-Slivka – in memory of Allen Slivka – for the Ritual Fund

From Rabbi Sheldon Ezring, on Giving Tuesday, for General Fund

From Lisa & Rick Singer – an Emmanuel Havdalah Set and Candle

TBS is grateful to all of its donors!