From the Board Room

Laurie Frankino and James FieldWe will have an Active Shooter training class given by Hudson Police Officer Joe Giacomazza on Tuesday, August 23rd from 6:30-8:30pm at the Hudson Police Department (36 S. Oviatt, 0.4 miles or about 7 minutes walk from the Temple). All who are available are encouraged to attend. I will be meeting with Office Giacomazza beforehand so that he can give prevention and reaction suggestions specific to our building. We will look to schedule another session soon for those unable to attend, and then look to have annual sessions. We will also investigate systems, such as Ring, for security and fire Some basic safety measures at the Temple or wherever you are: 1) always know where the nearest exits are (including windows), 2) do not prop doors open unless actively attended, and 3) trust your instincts, if you if you see something that doesn’t seem quite right, say something.

Many Thanks!

During two 3 hour work sessions led by Eric Draper, President of Brotherhood, our crew of TBS volunteers managed to completely clean out and restock the storage room, the boiler room, Rabbi Rachel’s office, which is now The Resource Room, the two downstairs classrooms and the large Kindergarten classroom. Many thanks to our crew, including Len Liberman, Amy & Dick McCormick, Jean Rhodes, Jean Beasley, Julie Lakas, Carol & Jack Telesman, Kim Strausser & Mike Miller, James & Laurie. Special thanks to Rabbi Michael and Rabbi Rachel for reviewing our entire children’s library and the new Resource Room.

2022-2023 Membership Dues Invoices are in the Mail

TBS Members should receive your statement in the mail in the next few days. Please contact Treasurer, Jonathan Selinger, or co-presidents James Field or Laurie Frankino to discuss your questions regarding the invoice.