Letter from Rabbi Ross

Rabbi Michael RossDear TBS Family and Friends,

This Saturday, we will celebrate Shabbat and Independence Day. How can our Jewish values reflect our relationship to the Fourth of July? Especially this year, in light of the pandemic and in light of our urgent pursuit for racial justice.

This week, our Shabbat Haftarah reading is from the biblical prophet Micah. Micah is no longer happy with the status quo. He demands change. Sacrifices are no longer satisfactory in the face of injustice.

Micah asks us at the end of the reading, rhetorically, “mah tov – what is good, and what does God require from us?”

Micah’s answer is threefold:

  • do justice
  • love kindness
  • walk humbly with your God.

We live in uncertain times. Let Micah’s ideal, his vision for a perfected world, guide us as we seek a way forward this Shabbat and this Independence Day.



Friday Evenings 7/10, 7/24: Zoom Shabbat Services – w/Cantorial Soloist Robin Selinger & Rabbi Michael Ross

Sat. 7/18, 9:30-11 am: Torah for Our Times – with Rabbi Michael Ross


Wed. 7/29, 8 pm: Tisha Be’Av Service & Learning – The 9th of Av is a special day of communal mourning for our losses.