Sisterhood Schmooze 8/14/2014

Mark Your Calendars for the WRJ Central District Biennial Convention

Exciting programs and activities are in the works for the 2014 WRJ Central District Convention–to be held in Columbus the weekend of November 6-9.

Guest speakers will be WRJ Secretary Pat Blum and Rabbi Marla Feldman, who serves as WRJ Executive Director.

Maggie Anton, a native of Los Angeles, is also slated to speak. The WRJ website notes: “Maggie Anton is the award-winning author of “Rashi’s Daughters,” historical novels set in the household of the great medieval Jewish scholar, whose daughters studied Talmud when these sacred texts were forbidden to women…”

In addition to the inspiring speakers and programming activities, Sandy Adland will be installed as president of WRJ Central District; and Lisa Singer will be installed as Area Director for a brand new area covering NE Ohio!

The Columbus Airport Embassy Suites will be the site of this year’s convention.

Registration information may be obtained from the website:

Sisterhood’s Mitzvah Project of the Month

In the months to come, our Sisterhood will be highlighting various charitable organizations, foundations and causes which reflect our commitment to bettering our world.

The month of September will mark the year anniversary of the passing of a very special young lady, Julia Grace Eveland.

Although not raised Jewish, this remarkable child truly valued the concept of Tikkun olam–healing and repairing our world.

During her eight short years, Julia focused her time and energies on helping others, including donating her birthday gifts to an oncology clinic, and requesting that funds donated at a school event in her honor be directed to help doctors find a cure for childhood cancer.

Just one month prior to her passing, Julia wrote the following words of hope and inspiration:

“Do you ever feel down and blue?”
“I know what you can do to help. I have a list.”
“Are you paying attention?

1. Grab some friends and have a lunch date.
2. Think of happy thoughts.
3. Watch a funny movie.
4. Hear some nice music
5. Think about puppies.
6. Think about your children.
7. Think about what you are going to do in the future.
8. Have waffles and ice cream.
9. Think about your favorite things in the world.
10. Give someone a hug.

Julia Grace Eveland
August 31, 2013

We extend our thanks and appreciation to Sisterhood president Sandy Ternay for sharing the life and legacy of Julia Grace Eveland with us.

Those interested in learning more about Julia Grace and the wonderful work being done by the foundation created in her memory, are invited to visit:

Yours in Sisterhood,
Emily Audra Fleisher