Task Force for Reopening our Building

Much of the conversation during the Scheidt Seminar I attended last week centered around how fellow congregations are handling the reopening of their buildings and/or sanctuaries for services during these ever-changing times. Some have held Shabbat services & ritual events for months and others are not even ready to begin the conversation.

TBS has had a small task force of board members working on a reopening strategy for several months,and now it is time to enlarge our task force to include interested congregants of all ages, anyone in the healthcare field, attorneys to help us better understand our liability in opening, CDC rules and guidelines in Ohio, and those who just want their opinions considered.

There are many sides to the question of when and how TBS should begin to hold very limited services both inside and outside the building while keeping our participants safe; and we will tackle these questions during several Zoom task force conversations over the next several months. Our goal is to create a strategy for reopening that meets the needs of our congregation. I urge you to join us. It is a small time commitment that will reap huge benefits in the near future.

Please rsvp to Laurie Frankino 330-620-2020 or lfrankino@gmail.com.