Letter from Rabbi Ross

Rabbi Michael RossDear TBS friends and family,

This week in our “Torah For Our Times” class, we will explore ethical food issues. Do you eat local, organic, vegan? Why or why not? Is Kosher eating a part of this conversation? How do you bring holiness to your food, or to your dinner table, or when you go out to eat? Join us as we dive into Kosher laws in the Bible and how it might apply to us today. All are welcome!


  • Sat. 4/10 & 4/24, 9:30 am: Torah For our Times
  • Fri. 4/16, 7:30 pm: Israel Shabbat – special Yom Ha’atzma’ut readings
  • Sun. 4/18, 11 am: Virtual Scavenger Hunt – RSVP to rebrachelbrown@gmail.com