Temple Beth Shalom Security

Dear Congregation Temple Beth Shalom,

As most or all of us have heard about the devastating tragedy that took place today at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue, we now need to step up our own building security in an effort to keep everyone safe. Today I went to the Hudson Police Department and spoke to an officer to give them our religious school schedule for Thursdays and Sundays. They said they would increase their patrol while school was in session and to make sure all of their officers in the department are aware. I have also spoken to Jim Hartnett, the Head of Security for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, and he is going to talk to the Hudson Police Department as well.

The immediate changes we need to make at our building will be as follows:

  • The front door will be locked other than during service times (door unlock schedule will be most likely be adjusted)
  • The side door with the combination lock should remain closed at all times (do not prop open)
  • No students should open the door for strangers
  • Doors should only be opened to strangers by an adult

Parents, please talk to your children about not opening the side door for someone they don’t know, but to alert an adult.

We will be taking additional precautions in the near future with coordinated efforts by TBS leadership, the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, and the Hudson Police Department. We will share these new changes as they are implemented.

If anyone has questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at 216-402-7262 or at ericchupack@gmail.com.

Please keep the families of the injured and deceased in your hearts, and thank you for your observance of these new rules.

Eric Chupack
President, Temple Beth Shalom