From Our Cantorial Soloist

Thanks to everyone for being part of our first-in-a-lifetime Zoom high holiday services!

A special thanks to Amy Greenberg McCormick, Dick McCormick, Kim Strausser, and Steven Greenman for their time and talent in creating special music features.

These musical pieces are now uploaded to Youtube. Videos include:

“Yotzeir Or” composed by Laura Berkson, performed by Kim, Amy, and Robin

“Heal Us Now” composed by Leon Sher, performed by Amy, Dick, and Robin, featuring Amy on piano and singing the lead solo

“Mah Tovu” composed by Danny Maseng, performed by Amy, Dick, and Robin, featuring Amy on piano

“Kol Nidre” performed by violinist Steven Greenman, in a recording commissioned by TBS

Thanks also to Laurie Frankino and Eric Chupack, our Zoom & audio experts, for bringing the music to you at home. I deeply appreciate their many long hours of preparation to make the technology work, and their intense effort to manage all aspects of the zoom broadcast. And a special thanks to Laurie for setting up the plastic dividers to optimize our safety on the bima.

And thanks as always to Rabbi Ross and to our wonderful piano accompanist Peter Tavens for another meaningful and uplifting high holiday season!

-Robin Selinger