Message from the Cantorial Soloist

Robin x3Calling all singers! I’ve learned this week how to make multi-track music recordings using the ACapella App on my iPad. I’m looking for singers to partner with me in making recordings we can perhaps use in a Zoom service, or just for fun.

Here’s an example I made with my voice recorded in three tracks… “Yotzeir Or” by Laura Berkson… “Blessed are you, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe, who forms light and creates darkness, who makes peace and creates all things.”

Click this link to listen:

Each participant records their track(s) independently, so this is a great way for musicians to collaborate while social distancing. You’ll need a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet) and earbuds with a microphone.

The app is free for a seven day trial. After that, there are several subscription options.

If you love to sing and are willing to help, please drop me a line at Thanks!

-Robin Selinger